Services / Fencing and Drainage

With the expertise from our landscaping company we can offer the equine market vast range landscaping services which include fencing, stabling, yards, driveways, horsebox/lorry parks, drainage solutions and any chainsaw work. From experience we’ve found the main services customers want from us are Fencing and Drainage but please contact us if want to discuss any other landscape or construction services.

Wooden Post & Rail Fencing

Post and Rail horse fencing is the most common kind of fencing, featuring rails mounted at intervals on poles. It is the most versatile and customizable type of fencing systems, and will last for a long time.

Wire Mesh Horse Fencing

Wire mesh works best as a perimeter fence line, and is ideal for large areas or pasture. Tightly woven mesh is specifically designed to prevent hooves and legs from getting caught and injured.


Muddy bogged down areas where your horses congregate at the bottom of the field or at gateways can be a nightmare. We can offer suitable drainage solutions to help with this problem.