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Archive for May 2017

Team Equi-Est are off to Spain!

Equi-est riding surfaces in Spain

The Equi-est team are off to sunnier climates this week as we had over to Spain to create a great surface that will withstand the warm temperatures Take a look at our ‘before’ image below and check back later in the week to see the finished surface from the Equi-est team. We are going to…

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Just Completed! New Arena Surface Project

riding arena surface construction

The Equi-est Team have been busy working on one of our most recent completed Equine Arena Surface projects This arena was transformed using Fully waxed Economy silica sand and Pro-Ex fibre surface. How much did it cost? You will be surprised how little our budget range of Silica sand’s will cost you. Talk to us, save…

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Avoid Seasonal Respiratory Allergies In Your Horse

Menage surfaces and arena surfaces supplied by Equi-est

How Equi-est Can help with your Horses Seasonal Respiratory Allergies This time of year horse owners start to panic and dread that their horses seasonal respiratory allergy is set to make a return. But there are some simple steps you can take to prevent things worsening over the Summer months. The Horse.com website published the results…

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Ride In Any Weather With Equi-est Pro-ex Fibre

Get a NEW Pro-ex Fibre riding arena surface from Equi-est today

The Great British Weather can often throw some surprises at us riders, with sunshine quickly turning to showers and cloud quickly gathering. Introducing Pro-ex Fibre   So its great to know that Equi-est Pro-ex Fibre is a long term solution that enables you to ride in any weather. From Rain, Sunshine and even Snow the fibre…

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How Improving Your Arena Surface Can Reduce Tracking

fibre Riding surface from Equi-est

The range of benefits from installing a new Surface in your arena include the fact that by stabilising your arena surface you can reduce tracking when training your horse.   This added to the likelihood of your horse becoming injured on an un maintained arena surface guarantee how good an investment a new equine surface…

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Equi-est Can Help You Select The Right Riding Surface For Any Type Of Riding

Equi-est unique all in one Riding Surface now available

Do choose an appropriate surface for the type of riding you’re doing. When choosing the right surface for your Equine arena its important to consider the type of riding your doing to ensure that it suitably matches up well with the surface you select. For example Jumping and dressage need stable, firm surfaces. Please contact our…

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Equi-est Explore The Impact Of Arena Footing On A Horse’s Health

menage fibre for menage surfaces services

How Does Arena Footing Affect an Athletic Horse’s Longevity? A poorly maintained equine arena is not only unpleasing on the eye but it can also cause significant health problems if the arena footing begins to impact on a horse’s well being. Duncan Peters DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVSMR, ISELP, is the co-owner and founder of East-West Equine…

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Quick + Low Cost Way to Extend an Arena Surface

riding surfaces services gloucestershire

Back In December a client asked us to extend their original 20m x 40m riding arena to a larger 20m x 60m arena. For this job we surfaced the arena using our Pro-grade sand and our Pro-Ex fully synthetic fibre additive. This project shows how we can improve your existing riding school arena on a budget.…

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Pro-grade sand and fibre Riding surface installed for a customer in Kent

fibre Riding surface from Equi-est

Equine Surface Restoration from Equi-est In this late December project in Kent the Equi-est team were tasked with restoring a riding surface for a client. As standard we used the best quality surface sand you can have. Our team are always happy to advise clients on the different types of sand and are able to…

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