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Archive for June 2017

The Suffolk Punch

Equestrian Arena and Lunge pen specialists / Gallops and Outdoor Horse Arena Construction across the UK & Ireland

Have You Ever Heard of The Suffolk Punch? We wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t. But it’s actually Britain’s oldest native breed, with records of the name dating back to 1586! But now the breed is teetering on the brink of extinction. The Breed originally took it’s name because of it’s strength and solid, stocky…

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Looking After Horses in Summer

Equestrian Arena Construction & estate Managemen

The heat of Summer takes it’s strain on our animals, as well as us. It’s important that you adapt your care routine in the hot weather to make it as effective as possible and ensuring that your horses is comfortable in the heat. Take a look at some of our top tips from Equi Est…

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Equi-est Top Tips For Jumping

countryside management, Equestrian grazing management, drainage solutions, fencing construction and outdoor arena installation and maintenance

Jumping can be one of the most highly anticipated aspects of horse riding, and one which many novice riders are keen to try. But what are the steps horse and rider should take before jumping? The team at Equi-est have put together our top tips to make sure that jumping is a fun experience all…

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It’s Royal Ascot Week 2017!

Equestrian Arena and Lunge pen specialists

Today marks the opening of Royal Ascot 2017! At Equi-est we’re taking a brief look at its history to see how the competition has changed in its 306 year history! The historic equine event goes back as far as 1711 when Queen Anne opened the first race meeting on the 11th August. The event was…

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Equi-est Products Designed and Made In The UK

grazing management service, drainage solutions, fencing construction

Did you know that all Equi-est products are made here in the UK?   We are proud to support the British Manufacturing Industry by ensuring all our Equine arena surface products are made here in the UK. If you have any questions for us about the manufacturing process or materials used in any of our products…

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How To Look After An Equestrian Arena

outdoor arena installation and maintenance, gloucestershire UK

Anything associated to your horse can means lots of maintenance, including your equestrian arena. Whether it’s our Pro-ex Fibre or an Equi-Hotwax and sand combination every equestrian surface needs plenty of looking after. We’ve put together our top tips of easy ways to make sure your arena lasts for years to come.   1.Keep the…

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What The Best Arena Surface For You


It can be hard to know what equestrian surface is best for your arena, especially when there so much choice. We’ve put together a guide about the most popular equestrian surfaces to help you make your decision!    Equi- All In One Fibre At Equi-est, this is one of our most popular equestrian surfaces and…

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**Throwback!** Arena Refurbishment!

Equi-est Equestrian Surface Refurbishment

  Back in November last year the Equi-est Equine Construction Team took on a arena refurbishment in Chiddington, Kent. The Arena was looking a little bit tired and was crying out for a refurbishment from our team! We added our fully synthetic fibre additive into the already existent surface of rubber and sand. By doing…

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Equi-est Return From Spain

Equi-est have finished a Riding surface project

The Equi-est team are adjusting to the cooler weather after returning from our latest project in Spain.   The finished surface looks fantastic and will be great in the hot Spanish climate as its built to withstand the heat. With our Pro-Ex fibre and wax installed this equine surface is built to last for many years.…

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