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Equi-est Explore The Impact Of Arena Footing On A Horse’s Health

How Does Arena Footing Affect an Athletic Horse’s Longevity?

A poorly maintained equine arena is not only unpleasing on the eye but it can also cause significant health problems if the arena footing begins to impact on a horse’s well being.

Duncan Peters DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVSMR, ISELP, is the co-owner and founder of East-West Equine Sports Medicine and has long considered the implications of poor arena footing on a horse. He describes how “Footing and hoof care are essential to the longevity of the sport horse. The interaction of the footing and the mechanics of the shoe can either add or relieve stress to the tissues of the lower leg”

He goes on to explain how a poor quality arena surface can have lasting implications for the horse in the future, “A surface that is “sticky” or “grabs” the foot as it strikes the ground tends to sharply load the soft tissues and potentiate the possibilities of injury if they are not conditioned properly. A surface that is too “loose” will not support the foot and leg structures during propulsion and/or give way on leg loading to cause abnormal force curves that could lead to injury”

With this in mind many riding Schools have contacted us asking for a full review of their arena surfaces to ensure they are proving adequate support for their horses. If you are concerned that the footing in your equine arena may be sub standard give us a call today and talk to the leading Arena surfacing specialists.