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What The Best Arena Surface For You

It can be hard to know what equestrian surface is best for your arena, especially when there so much choice. We’ve put together a guide about the most popular equestrian surfaces to help you make your decision! 



Equi- All In One Fibre

At Equi-est, this is one of our most popular equestrian

surfaces and it is very cost efficient! It’s a brand new fully synthetic surface that offers a great alternative to sand. The Equi-All In One Fibre can save you both time and money as it’s incredibly low cost ( get a 20m x 40m surface from only £5999) and is extremely easy to maintain. This surface is ideal for high impact areas such as lunge pens as it provides a good amount of flex without the horse riding deep. We’re the only supplier of this surface in the UK and it’s even covered by our 5 year guarantee!

Wood Chip

Traditionally used for gallops, wood chip is an ego-friendly surface that is less prone to freezing. It’s ideal for use for both indoor and outdoor arenas and can be used for all disciplines! Be aware that the wood chip surface probably has the shortest lifespan of all equestrian surfaces, having said this with the correct maintenance it can be in good working order for up to 10 years but you’ll need a ‘top up layer’ of wood chip every few years. It may sound simple enough to build your own wood chip surface, but don’t be tempted by D.I.Y! Not done properly, wood chip surfaces can become waterlogged and slippery.


Sand was once the most popular of all equestrian surfaces but in more recent years has fallen out of favour for fibre mixes. Sand surfaces are best for galloping, in fact many racetracks are sand based! You’ll need to bare in mind that a sand surface can easily freeze, and if your surface is un-waxed it will need to be watered during warm and dry weather to stop it becoming too fine and uneven. Sand can be a cheaper alternative to the more scientifically advanced surfaces that are more popular on the market today.

Pro-ex Fibre

The Pro-ex Fibre surface is designed to be added to sand to truly transform a surface by dramatically improving the stability. When added to sand, Pro-ex Fibre allows you to ride on the top of the surface so that you won’t ‘ride deep’. It also holds moisture so that there’s no risk of water-logging or poor drainage. The Pro-ex Fibre is incredibly easy to install; it’s delivered as bales and the equestrian fibre is suitable for you to lay yourself. Alternatively, we’d be happy to assist!

Equi- Hotwax

Similarly to Pro-ex Fibre, Equi-Hotwax is also added to sand to create a turf-like surface that designed to reduce dust and is resistant to freezing. It’s proven to significantly improve tired surfaces by transforming it into a high quality, low maintenance space. It’s incredibly cost effective too, at only £3999 for a 20m x 40m space and it’ll last you for up to 10 years!

Still undecided? Give us a call and we’d be happy to advice you on the best surface for your needs. Remember to take a look at our Services Page to see our entire range of services and products.