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The Best Way To Prevent Horse Fly Bites This Summer


Horse flies are problem for both horse and rider. Their bites can lead to infection, which aside from being irritating, a prove a real problem for event horses. We’ve put together some of the best ways to keep pesky flies at bay!

Use fly rugs and masks

Although not every horse and pony will oblige to wearing a fly mask, they can be really effective. Change it regularly and always keep it clean. Remember, flies are attracted to bacteria.

Use fly spray

There’s plenty of fly sprays on the market and plenty of recipes for home made versions that many riders swear by. Which ever one you opt for, always do a patch test first to test for any irritation that they may cause. Your horse may prefer it if you a sponge to apply fly spray.

Hang fly trap tape inside stables

Although horse flies aren’t keen on dark places such as stables, hanging fly tape in a high corner of your horses stable will catch any that do venture inside.

Keep your clean and tidy

It’s always good practice to hose down your yard at the end of the day, but doing so can also decrease the amount of flies that are attracted there. Flies love bacteria and dirt- so make your yard as clean as you can!

Feed a little garlic

It’s said that feeding your horse a little garlic each day along with their normal diet can completely discourage flies from bothering your horse! If you do try this method, remember to introduce garlic gradually into their diet and do your research first!

But what about if you or your horse are unlucky enough to get bitten?

There are simple ways to help reduce a horse fly bite. Apply an ice pack to the effected area or bathe it in salt water (adding one teaspoon of salt to two cups of water will work well). There’s also multiple anti-itch remedies that are on the market such as zinc oxide cream or options to make them yourself.

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