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Equestrian Surfaces in The Winter

When it comes to the Winter, you might not be able to perform as well on your surface.

Frost can attach and make it very difficult for all, as well as the ground freezing it all needs a bit of help so that we can all keep riding throughout the Winter.

Why not try our Equi-Est Equestrian Fibres & Sand.

Pro-Ex FibreEqui-est All In One Pro Fibre Surface Bale

The pro-ex fibre is our best selling equestrian surface and is a Economy Fibre, which can, and will dramatically change the performance of any sand surface. Here, at Equi-Est, we can supply and install into new or existing sand, anywhere in the UK.

Did you know…

Pro-Ex Fibre is 100% fully synthetic fibre so it will not break down or degrade.

We can deliver and supply the bales of Pro-Ex bales straight to you, then you can decide whether you want to install them yourself or we can install the equestrian fibres into the sand for you. We also supply Equestrian Silica Sand and Leisure Sand.

Benefits of a Sand/Fibre Equestrian Surface:

  • Great Value
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimises Frost
  • Holds Moisture
  • Ride on top of the surface – doesn’t ‘ride deep’
  • Improves stability to existing sand surfaces

Equi HotwaxEqui-est latest Arena fibre surface contains hot wax

Our new Hot Wax equestrian surface is designed to be added to existing and new sand arenas.

Benefits of adding HotWax to your arena:

  • Hotwax is the closest equivalent to Turf without the need for rainfall or irrigation
  • Provides a consistent surface
  • Minimal maintainance
  • Rejuvenate tired surfaces
  • Significantly reduce dust
  • Provides resistance to freezing

The Equi Hotwax is U.V Resistant and has a 10 year lifespan. Approximate cost is £3,999 including VAT for a 20 x 40 arena.

Equi-All-in-One Fibre Only Equestrian SurfaceEqui-est unique all in one Riding Surface now available

If you didn’t know already, we are also Equi-All in one fibre suppliers for the UK. Our new equestrian surface is an excellent low-cost alternative to our sand based surfaces.

This fibre is fully synthetic and has various properties that once down, allow the fibre to knit together to give a high traction, low maintenance surface. This equestrian fibre surface is excellent for use in high impact areas such as lunge pens etc.

Benefits of The Equi-All in One Fibre Equestrian Surface:

  • Complete freeze resistance (as this fibre doesn’t hold moisture, it will not freeze)
  • This surface is covered by our FULL Five Year Guarentee
  • Low cost, complete 20m x 40m surface from only £5,999.00 including vat
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Great for all disciplines as its provides a good amount of flex without riding deep
  • Ease of installation (can be installed only using a rake)

If you’re looking for a reliable equestrian fibre surface supplier, who can install anywhere in the UK, contact us today!

All of these surfaces are a great fix ready for the winter, so please talk to us before the cold weather gets worse and we can help sort out your Equestrian Arena and more today!