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How To Look After An Equestrian Arena

Anything associated to your horse can means lots of maintenance, including your equestrian arena. Whether it’s our Pro-ex Fibre or an Equi-Hotwax and sand combination every equestrian surface needs plenty of looking after. We’ve put together our top tips of easy ways to make sure your arena lasts for years to come.


1.Keep the Surface Level

Arena surfaces can easy become uneven which can lead to it becoming dangerous. You can correct this by simply using a hand rake to adjust any un-compacted areas and to even out the surface depth. Not only will this keep your arena looking good, it will also improve the ease of use especially when doing flat work with your horse.

2. Take Special Care of Entrances/Exists

These are often the areas that are used most regularly, by both horse and human, and can risk becoming compacted and suffer from decreased depth. Make sure you rake this area as often as necessary and have top-up levels of your chosen fibre or surface every couple of years if needed.

3. Poo-pick!

It’s no one’s favourite job but by removing organic matter such as horse droppings, leaves and hay from the equestrian surface you’ll be increasing your arena’s lifespan. As well as looking unsightly and being potentially hazardous, organic matter can also prematurely dry out the surface of your equestrian arena, especially if it is wax based.

4. Clean Your Horses Legs And Hoofs

You should clean your horses legs before entering your arena and ideally (although we know it can be sometimes challenging!) pick their hoofs upon exist. It’ll mean that your arena is not contaminated by outside material. By picking your horses’ hoofs you’re ensuring they’re not taking any of the equestrian surface with them when they leave the arena!

5. Move Jumps

We know that moving jumps in an arena isn’t always possible, especially for green horses that spook easily, but if possible it’s a great idea to rearrange them in the school frequently. By doing this, it will give you a chance to rake the areas where the jump has been to ensure that the arena surface is even and equally compacted.

At Equi-est we provide an entire range of arena maintenance and will be happy to help with any queries that you may have. Explore the rest of our website to learn more about us and don’t forget to give us a call.