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Avoid Seasonal Respiratory Allergies In Your Horse

How Equi-est Can help with your Horses Seasonal Respiratory Allergies

This time of year horse owners start to panic and dread that their horses seasonal respiratory allergy is set to make a return. But there are some simple steps you can take to prevent things worsening over the Summer months.

The Horse.com website published the results of a recent poll run on their website  asking Horse owners if their animals suffer from any seasonal respiratory allergies. The results are displayed in the graph below:Of the 268 respondents, 93 (35%) said their horses suffer from seasonal respiratory allergies. When looking at solutions to keep allergies at bay owners described how the change in season can impact on the horses health.


  • “One horse coughs a little if worked in a dusty environment. SmartBreathe has helped her tremendously.”
  • “My old now retired Welsh Cob x TB suffers from emphysema during the winter.”
  • “My horse gets hives and coughs. I use Cough Free daily until it clears up.”
  • “Only a light runny nose and maybe a little swelling above eyes. They manage without help.”

Interestingly many described how ensuring their horse’s arena is kept free of dust can have a positive impact on their overall health and in particular in avoiding an increase in allergy symptoms come Summer time.

Call Equi-est to discuss your horses arena surface and how Equi-est can help create an efficient and non dusty equine arena for you.