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It’s Royal Ascot Week 2017!

Today marks the opening of Royal Ascot 2017! At Equi-est we’re taking a brief look at its history to see how the competition has changed in its 306 year history!

The historic equine event goes back as far as 1711 when Queen Anne opened the first race meeting on the 11th August. The event was open to any horse, mare or gelding over the age of 6 years and they were required to carry a rider of at least 12 stone. The first meeting was quite unlike the Royal Ascot we know today as each horse was required to run in heats of 4 miles. Unfortunately, there’s no record of the first winner!

The infamous Gold Cup day or, as it’s often known ‘Ladies Day’, was first held in 1807, around 50 years after the first 4 day meet. It quickly became the busiest day of the event, attracting much media attention and is often regarded as the social event of the year!

Nowadays, the event is viewed in over 200 different countries and attracts more than 300,000 visitors over the 5 day period. Racegoers now enjoy a re-developed grandstand which was open by The Queen in 2006.

The Grounds of The Ascot Racecourse are maintained by 12 full-time groundsmen who work throughout the year. At Equi-est we offer a variety of Equestrian surfaces which are designed for all types of discipline including dressage and jumping. We also provide services to restore arenas to ensure that you and your horse can reach your full potential. You can explore our range of services by linking the link here.

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