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Horse Riding Head Wear

At the end of the day, you only get one head so you need to look after it! With some many riding hats and helmets to wear, they’re there to keep you safe! Riding hats are designed to be very effective at stopping any possible head injuries, but with all safety equipment not everything is…

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Gifts for Horse Lovers

gifts for horse lovers

Is there that someone special in your life that are crazy about horses, but you have no idea what to get them? Here’s some unique and fun presents that’ll spark your imagination… Personalised Flask If the cold mornings have hit you, and you’re out looking after your horse, you going to want to things; coffee…

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Equestrian Surfaces in The Winter

horse, arena surfaces cold weather, winter horse care

When it comes to the Winter, you might not be able to perform as well on your surface. Frost can attach and make it very difficult for all, as well as the ground freezing it all needs a bit of help so that we can all keep riding throughout the Winter. Why not try our…

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Equi-Est Competition – Prize Worth Over £1,600!

riding surfaces services abroad by equi-est

Get involved with our Brand-New Competition! Win 16 bales of our New Pro-Ex Comp Fibre worth over £1,600.00 including Free Delivery! Competition Post This is enough additive for a 20m x 40m or 60m x 20m top up! Our new addition of full synthetic fibre id blended in house using Polypropylene, hair fibre and PVC…

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Autumn/Winter Care for Horses

arena surfaces, cold weather, equi-est surfaces winter

The colder months are approaching, and looking after your horse in these conditions can be a challenge. You’ll have to cope with whatever weather the UK decides to throw at us, and it’s very unpredictable. So, here are some tips and support so you can be prepared this Autumn and Winter. Firstly you should ask yourself these…

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Interesting Facts About Horses You Never Knew!

horses arena surfaces services + equestrian supplies from equi-est uk

You’re never going to believe these facts about horses, after reading these you’ll definitely know why they’ve been called the ‘noblest of creatures’. Read on to find out more… Horses can use their ears, eyes and nostrils to express their mood, and they can also communicate their feelings through their facial expressions! (Source: CBS News) Horses can run within…

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Recent Completed Project – Northern Ireland

riding arena surfaces services by equi-est

Just completed Our Pro-Ex fully synthetic fibre has just been added to a new large Equine facility in Northern Ireland. This particular Arena is 50m x 100m so was quite a task. However now complete the surface is stable and consistent waiting for the huge amount of use it’s about to receive.

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Equi-est Summer of Horse Safety Tip #3

equi-est gloucestershire uk riding arena surfaces services

It’s time for Equi-est Summer of Horse Safety tip number 3! This time we’re talking about riding hats; a vital piece of equipment to keep you safe whilst riding. Whilst it may only be a legal requirement to wear a riding hat whilst on the road if you’re under fourteen, very few riders choose to…

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Equi-est Summer of Horse Safety Tips

gallops surfaces, menage fibre, menage surfaces, equi-est services for horse arenas Gloucestershire UK

Here at Equi-est we recently published an article about the British Horse Society’s new scheme, Ride Safe. The Scheme has been created to help ensure that horse, rider and other road users are safe whilst hacking. This summer at Equi-est we’re going to be publishing a series of hints and tips on what we think…

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British Horse Society- Ride Safe Campaign

gallops surfaces, menage fibre, menage surfaces, equi-est services for horse arenas Gloucestershire UK

Riding your horse on the road can be dangerous. Not only are we dealing with keeping control of our horses, but also the rules of the road and the actions of other road users. Unsurprisingly accidents involving horses and riders do happen, and it seems far too frequently. Here’s what the British Horse Society are…

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