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**Throwback!** Arena Refurbishment!


Equi-est Equestrian Surface Refurbishment

Back in November last year the Equi-est Equine Construction Team took on a arena refurbishment in Chiddington, Kent. The Arena was looking a little bit tired and was crying out for a refurbishment from our team! We added our fully synthetic fibre additive into the already existent surface of rubber and sand. By doing this we improved the grip of the surface and dramatically decreased the likelihood of it holding water.

We also undertook various maintenance work on the structure of the arena, including renewing the fence and lifting the dropped corners. At Equi-est, we understand that Arena maintenance is essential and the greater care you take in looking after it, the longer it will last! We suggest raking the top surface after every use which will help protect the top surface from the stone.

We provide a number of maintenance services to ensure that your Arena will stand the test of time! Take a look at our services page to find out how we can help you or contact us now to find out more.